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Personalised Card Holder -


Product Code HB-CH-0103-DB
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PU Leather card holder keeps Business Cards clean & gives stylus look Soft velvet material protects your cards while inside the case. Best quality just like a new one all the time. Capacity for up to 7 Bank Credit cards or 15 Business cards.have a peace of mind when Travelling: It is a must have when on vacations or traveling overseas. great for using on public transportation and crowded places - keep the worry away and be protected all the time.Multiple Cards Supported: Designed to hold & fits various types of cards: id card, credit card, driver's licenses, medical cards, etc.It easy to carry in your pocket or purse more easily than a money clip, to protect your card from physical damage, credit card cases are small enough to keep hidden in your front pocket or purse, offering you the perfect solution.

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