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Uplifting your Game of Thrones fever- Cool merchandise too hot to miss

Game of Thrones is in its penultimate season, and all the fans are going gala over it. If you are a fanatic of this epic series or you know a diehard GoT super-fan then leave no reason to own or gift this ultra-cool range of Westeros inspired shots cups. A party essential to set the mood right when discussing your dearest character.



The most anticipated movie of the year is finally out, be a part of the Avengers like no one else owning the fascinating weapon of the infinity war, Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. Show off your love for Avengers with this amazingly designed keychain. Become the superhero in your tribe.



There’s no denying everybody loves “The Minions”. These slightly crazy but super awesome characters have become popular globally. Add their cuteness to your daily life with adorable dust plugs and keep the headphone jacks of your pricey possessions safe from dust and mist.



The incredible Lego brick game has never failed to impress any kid in their childhood. Probably a big entertaining part of your early days too. Bring back the same craze with this exquisite build-on brick mug and make your regular coffee breaks interesting.



The Dragon Warrior, Po inspired us all with his innate humour, martial arts and adorable aesthetics. Make his positivity a part of your life with this Kung Fu Panda mobile charger. A portable charger which leaves fellow mates praising your different choices.


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