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2019 fashion resolutions to swear by !!

New year bring new thrills and reasons to be all the more stylish. So whether you are planning to find success, a new job, change in attitude, peace, joy, travel in the forthcoming days of the new year, dress to reflect those desires and attainments. Here are a few simple fashion resolutions and style inspirations to keep you confident and stylish all through the year ahead:

Be a wiser online shopper

Online shopping is undoubtedly a boon for all of us. Now we can access the latest trends from the globe at our palm, but this has also turned many into being impulsive shoppers. It’s essential you know how to invest on social platforms and before spending any penny first find trustworthy websites and pages. Don’t dive in to shop every other piece of your choice in every random sale on every random online page. Cheap prices for trendsetting pieces can be tempting, but this year swear to be a smart consumer rather than splurging into every winning buy.



Happy skin! Fit Body! Fashionable you!

The X-factor to all style statement is glowing natural skin and a fit you. Let’s find time to not be lazy this year in removing the make-up every night, keeping the body hydrated throughout the day by drinking enough water and making your daily routine find some fitness regime.



Declutter your closet

Start the year by organising your wardrobe. Invest some time in finding what colours and styles that you currently own suit you the best and give away the rest of the over-used or ill-fitted closet. Refreshing the wardrobe will help you figure which fashion desires are missing. Plus it will also help find new space for the latest trends of the coming seasons.



Refresh your colors than out-of-box clothing

Shimmer and shine in the new colors of the year. Exciting pastels, crystal shades and bold hues are floating in the market. Take the risk and stop gravitating to your favourite ones. Whether it’s about those boots, oversized jackets, fitted tops, ethnics to larger than life accessories opt a bold statement with new inspirational colors.



Athleisure is the new cool

Opting trendy & comfortable shoes over heels, tee over enticing tops and joggers over skinny denim are reigning the fashion world. Street-style and comfort is the new break in the millennial fashion senses. So change your focus from purchasing all edgy clothing and experiment with some chic and revolutionising athleisure.




Believe it or not, every look is incomplete until put-together with the right set of accessories. Don’t shy away from loading your style statement with accessories of all kind. Casual to hot, every look requires to be matched with a piece of sassy jewellery, so add in a splash of dimension and embrace your accessory love in full power.




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