Here’s ways to shed the daily stress and be happier with the rightful dose of friendship in your life !!

“Most of us don’t need a psychiatric therapist as much as a friend to be silly with.”

― Robert Brault


There is no single formula for finding a special friend. But having great friendships add more value to your smile, brighten your good days an extra notch as well as provides a constant driving force in your low times.  Not all friends you have are similar; all tend to have their unique set of greatness and annoying habits while keeping your best interest at heart all the time. Friendship should nourish your mental health and enrich you as a person, if you have a friend who is envious or enjoys diminishing you, you should cut out on such negative presence by bringing an immediate end to such connections.

Friends have the power to burst you into laughter even in the most depressing moments; they get your sense of humour as they can track past vivid stories to your joke, complete your statements in the middle of a debate and shower those warm hugs when the world misses catching on the trouble beneath your smiles.

Here’s how spending quantity time with friends makes you happier and acts as a natural detox for stress and negativity:


Barrier Breaker

Friends are your soul food. They understand you profoundly and listen to your problems with all due heart. Sometimes you need to open up, share those impossible dreams, inexplainable troubles or the first instances of a heartbreak. The best reason for such deep and meaningful conversation is that you are aware your friends won’t judge you for what you do, who you are and how you represent yourself. It’s not necessary that they will support you blindly, but it’s for sure they will stand by you no matter what, bash you when you wrong and uplift your spirit when you down.

In today’s busy schedule, you are held up to attend to so many things all at one time that you miss out on the moments of genuine expression. Find out time to take a break, go to your favourite or explore new hangout places with closest buddies talking out all that is hidden deep within you, have conversations that will free your mind of worries, your soul of uneasiness and your heart of all that weighs it down.

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Travel Companion

Friends are undoubtedly the magic beans that add more value to your daily life, yearly celebrations and random festivity. They know your needs, understand your expenditure structure and share the same tempo for your favourite adventures or leisures forming just perfect partners for your travels. How else will you make a memorable selfie if it isn’t for your crazy friends goofing around?

You are less pretentious and conscious around your friends which gives you the best opportunity to enjoy a laugh recollecting your wonderful friendship over the years while setting new records in the present times.  Studies show that travelling with your best friends improve mental health and relieves you of the on-going troubles in life. You don’t need to select a perfect destination, with friends around even the dullest place end up being the most enjoyable one. Make it a habit of leaving everything behind and enjoying laid-back trips at least once or twice with your best buddies to infuse positive vibes and wellbeing in your life.


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Secret Keeper

Trust and loyalty are two feelings that form its foundation with great friendship. In life one is sure to face a time when it becomes difficult to share realities, instances or doubts with anyone, but best friends are those who will always keep your secret like their own. Contributing as the right influence being the guiding light in such times, prioritizing your needs over their own, helping you understand your weaknesses and strengths, friends will put genuine efforts to lead you out of your miseries.

And of course once a while there is no harm on discussing secrets of those you aren’t much a fan. How else will you share your views, likes, dislikes and laugh on petty stuff? But remember to do it in a fun fashion without harming anyone. Just don’t make gossiping about others your habit.


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Wackiness Supporter

While the world proclaims you be crazy, friends will act as you without raising any questions. They find weird reasons to text dumb limericks, jokes and videos and never misses to take your opinion before buying even a hair-clip, street dress to designer outfits anything and everything. Making fun of your health shortcomings is a daily task but are always the first to take you to the doctor if you fall sick. They become a core part of your family with even distant cousins knowing their names and whereabouts and with or without like form be a part of your weirdest wants and secrets in life.

Being thoughtful and mature is, of course, important but its no harm to break the norms once a while and let the child within flutter with your best buds adoring your unconventional behaviour and eccentric nature. Find out time to join classes and learn your long lost hobby with your closest friends to enhance your personality while also boosting happy hormones in your body.


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Energy Booster

Friends help build your confidence and self-love by accepting and loving you as you are. They never body shame, diminish your ideas, judge you for your look or your upbringing instead appreciate your beauty, help you become fit, put efforts to turn your ideas into reality and challenge your weaknesses while pushing you to succeed. But in order to have great friends, you also need to become a good friend. You cannot just keep expecting your friends to keep up to your tantrums when you are not humble and respectful in the same manner.

Cherish the beauty of friendship bestowed; there is no substitute to best buds. Make efforts to meet even in your busy schedule to grow the bond. Let the world proclaim on the power of your inseparable friends and their lasting memories.

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Encouraging Crusader

Friends stand by your thick and thin being a constant encouragement to those tough unreachable goals in life. Every success becomes more worthwhile when shared with a friend who stood by you in the making of your dreams as well as all the tough times that came along the way. They feel proud and possessive of your achievements and never loses a moment to praise and let the world know of your qualities.

It’s not that you never end up fighting or bickering with your best buddies. A difference of opinion is obvious, but conflicts never change anything in good relationships instead it makes it grow stronger with such honesty towards each other. Find out time to party to boost your serotonin levels while raising a toast to your friends’ capabilities and accomplished dreams that were once just a wish you all were fond of discussing and gamble over its possibility.


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Peace Infuser

Not just humans but pets are known to bring an equivalent amount of joy with their presence. It’s a healthy habit to have a pet at home to talk, soothe and hug after a long day of work. A few relationships are built beyond words and pets prove that in all due value. Blind trust, loyalty and a sense of belonging boosts peace and stability in life. Pets are immensely committed which invigorates a sense of belonging and faith.

If you can afford to bring up a pet as it demands both time and money, then one should never miss on experiencing the beauty of adopting one and finding new horizons of true love and friendship.


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