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How Zodiac influence your style: Know from your favorite Gemini Celebs

Symbolized by celestial twins, Gemini has characteristics of both sides of a coin juggling from being restless and playful at one point and sensible and intellectual at the other. Being driven by endless passions and ideas, they are at a constant verge of transformation and change. This curious bunch is quick-witted and happy with a surprisingly strong way to persuade and get what they want. They might be the flirty ones in your group but once committed nothing can break their loyalty. They never hesitate to walk an extra mile for their true friends or fail to stand by them in the hour of need.

The summer child is born with fashion sensibilities and is best to turn for style inspiration, here’s how:

Fond of Perky and Flirty Shades

Born in summers, they have a natural love for bright shades. They don’t fear to experiment and usually will be seen enjoying every possible color one may imagine. Gemini knows what suits their personality and ace both monotone dresses to layered outfits in contrasting colors. Gemini wardrobe is filled with envy-worthy ensembles from maxi dresses, separates, crops, traditional etc. as they are classic shopaholics and know their dressing game spot-on.


Nail the Patterns & Prints

This sun-sign combine plains, patterns, and prints in a single outfit like a pro. They know how to blend feminity and edgy aspects in a look and rule it. Gemini doesn’t dress as per an occasion rather they are inspired by their always changing moods, so be prepared to walk with them in cool heels on a street and dance in fashion-imbibing shoes in a party. They don’t have any signature style considering their impulsive nature, but no matter what they choose to wear they make sure to turn the outfit into success.


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More is less when it comes to accessories

Gemini has an arsenal of sparkly and glittery accessories, jewels are sure inspiration for them. Embellished belts, designer scarves, junkie jackets, studded headgears, midi rings to nose pin, one can expect bundles of accessories tried and tested by this lot. They aren’t scared of clubbing a stack of fascinating accessories in a single look yet somehow making it visually appealing.


Wardrobe loaded with bags and shoes

Gemini finds no shame in being an impulsive shopper owning a mayhem closet overflowing of shoes and bags. An eclectic collection to give the monochromes a more playful sense of style reflecting Gemini free-spirited nature. Anything too casual or regular bores them easily, they are at a constant need for change which is well reflected in their fashion statements.



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Individuality is the key to their fashion

Gemini doesn’t believe in following rules and same applies to fashion, they aren’t the trend followers. They have individual style aesthetics yet never fails to make an impression and progressive statements in whatsoever they step out. Their underlying passion for dressing will surprise most with the variety of style a Gemini tends to carry in a lifetime.





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