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How Zodiac influence your style: Know from your favorite Taurus Celebs

Stable in nature, strength in character and stubbornness in attitude defines a true Taurus. Being governed by the planet Venus love, beauty, and luxury stand at high priority for them in life. Their appreciation for finer things and a taste for expensive lifestyle is well reflected in their home, clothes, food and otherwise. Amiable and fun, they usually tend to be the happy and supportive ones in the group yet at the same time always ready to charge like a bull when aggravated, it is best advised to avoid getting into a fight with the headstrong Taurus.

Of all sun-signs, Taureans enjoy shopping the most. Here is what dominates this experience for them:

Cool is their sexy

Taureans believe in appearing cool and comfortable. They don’t follow trends rather they prefer classic attires, things that never loses its charm with time. Jeans and sneakers are the first choices for them and they make sure they have their favorite wardrobe staples in plenty of styles.



All Eyes on the Neck

They tend to draw all attention to one part of the body with their choice of clothes and accessories which is their graceful neck. Flamboyant necklaces, drop-down earrings, a beautiful scarf and other luxe material that highlight the Taurean neck forms a major part of their wardrobe.



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stained glass by @versace ??

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Comfortable Fabric Freaks

Its all about textures and soft fabric for these raging beings, they have a constant need to feel the fine fabric first, experience the comfort in the touch and then invest in it. Particular about their likes, they don’t mind plunging into more than one piece of the same outfit or shoes.


Lisbon / MEO Arena / May 21

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Favors neutral shades

Apart from the love for their sun-sign color which is emerald, they are mostly spotted in pastel colors and shades of black and white. Known labels, designers, and well-made high-quality clothes appeal to them the most. Same applies to cosmetics, hair products as well as fragrance, indulging in the best comes naturally to Taureans.


Red carpet glam. Hair by @renatocampora

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Big Fan of Leather and Bags

Taureans step out decked up from tip to toe, they like clubbing clothes, accessories, bags and all other elements perfectly. No wonder they have a huge collection of bags and wallets to suit their ensemble for the day. They also have a knack for leather boots, jackets as well as bags and can be seen accentuating their style by ditching the regulars and opting for a leather look.



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