Clay mask is the most popular beauty product of the year !! Best way for a quick detox-Check out the top picks

Usually, it’s the skin that faces the maximum burden of you having a busy schedule. Skin needs its due pampering which definitely demands time and money, in the lack of which its pushed to negligence. A messy face with blemishes, redness, and inflammation or noticeable dullness is not something you would want. If you cannot squeeze out time to go out & have regular treatments and required facials, there is no harm in opting for a clay mask now and then. Clay masks have proven benefits for all kind of skin types and its one of the quickest way to have a detoxified fresh look.

A simple procedure with minimum time consumption, all you need to do is clear your face of make-up or dirt with your daily cleanser and then apply the clay mask for 10-15 minutes, wash it gently with a circular motion and you are good to go. If you have a little extra time you can steam your face before applying the mask for a more distinguished result. If your skin is too oily you should do it more often compared to a person with normal to dry skin type. Don’t forget to apply a moisturizer post this ritual.

To fizz out impurities captured within pores and regain the scintillating glow of your face, many skin experts might also suggest for multi-masking instead of applying the same product throughout your face.  Considering that different patch of skin requires different care, applying separate masks in accordance with the needs of the skin can treat the concerns even better.

There are plenty of clay masks available in the market with various benefits and skin-improving ingredients, here are the top picks that are sure to prove your budget skin-saver:

L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Masks

A top favorite, the L’Oréal clay masks are available in different varieties having separate texture and ingredients for a perfect home-spa session. They serve all kind of purposes from removing excess oil, dirt, dullness to exfoliating the dead skin cells depending on the one you choose. It’s also great for a pre-makeup routine especially when you headed for a party, having an easy and quick dry process it consumes only 10 minutes and you set for a fresh brighter looking face.



The Body Shop Face Masks

The Body Shop is a brand known for its luxury skin care products and it offers a whole range of 100% vegetarian natural face masks to revive your skin from imperfections. The Tea Tree Skin Clearing Clay Mask and Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask among which stand out to be the bestsellers. The healing and detoxifying properties of these face masks prove essentially helpful in unclogging blocked pores and removing the various toxins that collect amidst all dust and pollution.



Forrest Essentials Facial Treatment Masque

Forrest Essentials uses the age-old secrets of Ayurveda to produce herbal skin care products which have found a prominent acceptance across the world. This nourishing face pack contains black Himalayan clay infused with Ayurvedic herbs to detox and replenish the skin. It also contains sandalwood and rosewater giving it a lovely scent and soothing effect on the face. For those with dry skin, it is best adviced to use a moisturizer after the pack for softening and hydration action.



Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask

In order to fight the different environmental aggressors that tend to damage the skin of the face, Innisfree has launched a series consisting of  7 clay masks in 7 different colors. Yellow (brightening), blue (hydrating), pink (vitalizing), green (cica), purple (calming), white (refining), black (purifying), each contains Jeju Volcanic Scoria- a lava rock ingredient and addresses to a specific area of concern. Apart from these, the Innisfree super volcanic pore clay mask, a scentless thick clay formula is a definite rage among beauty lovers.



Ahava Purifying Mud Mask

Unlike conventional masks, this Dead Sea mud mineral-rich product claims to be a two-minute solution for deep cleansing providing equivalent results that others claim to achieve in 10-15 minutes. Highly effective, it not only purifies but at the same time hydrates and replenishes the skin leaving it radiant, clean and plump. A rare composition of minerals and salt it helps calm acne-prone, blemished or irritated skin.







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