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How Zodiac influence your style: Know from your favorite Aquarius Celebs

The sign of the Water Bearer is known to be progressive and innovative by nature with a natural rebellious appeal in life in general. When it comes to style they play by the unexpected and unusual fashion rules. This flock is the one that will land in a rare combination of colors and dressing style with so much conviction that it’ll end up being the new trend of the season. They are highly selective about who they hang out with, similarly, how they dress leading to a closet having the rarest collection, like their rare set of friends. Aquarius is highly open-minded and free-spirited, this same enigma is visible in their style statement.

Here is how:


Vouch for originality

Every individual born Aquarius is sure to have a personal taste of fashion which they pleasure the most. Even though they care more about quality over quantity, they are not very brand conscious. They would rather sweep through all kinds of markets from street to high-end malls to find themselves one satisfying piece of a unique ensemble to flaunt in their next girls day out.


Epic night performing at @PoshClubOficial! ???? #BirthdayGirl

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Hippie accessories

Fashion-forward and different is the mantra when it comes to accessorizing their outfit. Indeed one might even find a cool set of technology blend in their styling considering that these are the most tech-savvy sign of all. They love to exuberate their free nature without any fear combining stand-out hippie accessories while dressing casual or noticeable statement jewelry with their exotic cocktail ensembles. They enjoy the glares for their fashion choices.


Back to Mumbai !!!! ? #Mumbai #home #workmode

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Carry the unconventional like a pro

Aquarius possess a knack for creativity and always runs in sync with the ever-evolving fashion, utilizing this gifted power to look unconventional every time they step out. They enjoy experimenting and mix-matching the odds with the evens not only with their clothes but even make-up, shoes as well as their hairstyles. They hate being dull and appreciate everything that is not main-stream, they love to add a little spice to their wardrobe to make it eccentric and quirky.



Die-hard fan of POP colors

A vibrant color vibe is a must when it comes to Aquarius style statement. They can easily sway glamor in not just a single bright color but a couple of them incorporated together in an outfit. This lot is whom you see rock the fluorescent athleisure perfectly during their workout sessions. They have an eye for this kind of fashion and doesn’t make it look odd instead will pull off these show-off outrageous outfits with due flamboyance.


Unorthodox hairstyles

Aquarius will dare to take any haircut and set it into a trend. Not just the bold hairstyles but hair-coloring also fascinates them equally. Crop cuts, layers to achieving balayage and ombre in spunky colors are next to normal to this bunch. They are mostly bestowed with remarkable jawlines and edgy hairstyles add more notch to their beauty quotient.


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