Skin Protection Routines for Women of All Ages

Almost every woman would love to have a perfectly flawless skin that they can flaunt the world. While a few are bestowed with glowing soft skin, others might have a hard time maintaining its beauty. Taking care of skin is entirely specific to the needs of the skin of an individual, it varies from person to person so a product that works on one might not always be fruitful on the other. The skin even demands different things at different seasons as well as at different span of your lifetime. Yet there are few things that one could swear by from the early teens to help maintain a youthful radiance and put your best face forward every time you step out, here’s how

Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize

While it’s highly important to know the kind of skin type one has, it’s not always that easy to detect which is the exact type that you are. A lot of times one might have a combination or the skin may vary its behavior in accordance with the season. Yet over the years, you do tend to read a general behavior and hence can use products respectively.

  • Daily cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin especially before you sleep, because that is the time it rejuvenates the most.
  • Don’t skip removing your make-up at the end of the day, it will clog the pores and result in breakouts or other similar problems.
  • Don’t use the same cleanser or product for your whole life, change it as per the age of your skin and season of the year.


Don’t overdo 

Anything in excess can never do you much good. Skin is definitely the most demanding organ of the body, but in order to protect it don’t try everything you hear and know all at once. In order to protect and maintain it, a few of you may be harming it more with either excessive use of products, treatments or beauty services. The only excess part you should remember is to hydrate and intake of proper nutrients which I am sure is the most ignorant bit on your schedule.

  • Don’t wash your face too many times in the day it tends to dry the skin at a harmful level.
  • Don’t put your skin through every home remedy you know on a daily basis, it may lead to unwanted reactions.
  • Daily makeup is not a good idea. Try and avoid days when it’s not that important. Let the skin breathe once a while.



Use ideal products

Skin products seem to be invented continuously with something new grabbing attention in the market every alternate day. But that doesn’t mean you got to try them all. You can preserve your skin with the minimum use of products provided you opt for the right ones.

  • With or without the sun, a sunblock with UVA and UVB is a must on a daily basis. Go for a light moisturizer so that your skin doesn’t get oily and at the same time have the necessary protection from sun exposure.
  • A night serum before bed can do wonders for the skin. When you about to reach 30, anti-ageing creams along with eye-creams should form a part of your daily skincare regime.
  • If you are facing major breakouts or acne, don’t try all the products you see in the advertisement rather visit the dermatologist urgently and get the right treatment.



Without any doubt, diet and exercise will play a vital role in achieving graceful ageing of the skin. One is ought to face a plethora of changes to the skin in a lifetime, and rather taking too much stress on it, an extra amount of continuous care will always prove beneficial.



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