Contemplating new year resolutions: a few best options to help your decision

If at all you didn’t have excuses, you would have been doing so much more every coming year. With all the new year drama I am sure you do pick up a resolution but forget it sooner than it cropped up in your mind. Lets indeed pick one this year and do something about it rather than only making it a social media wonderment.

If you haven’t zeroed down on what exactly to do and is still contemplating resolutions, here are a few top picks to choose from :

Get rid of your pending debts

Year-end would have definitely led to holiday travel, parties and a lot of shopping. Which I am guessing will eventually leave you with enormous credit card bills as a new year surprise package. While you boast about your exotic holiday, crazy parties and exquisite wardrobe, remember, to chalk your finances and put the task of clearing bills as well as any kind of debts at top priority. Believe it or not but pending finances are a cause of tension which stays at the back of the mind continuously.  So, I would advise sorting out finances and not be putting it off for later as no matter how much you beg Santa each year he won’t surprise you with money growing on a tree in your garden.

Staying Fit

This is one resolution I believe you have been failing almost every year but lets not this time. Remember it’s not the extra efforts what you put rather how you make your daily routine a healthy one. Small changes can bring big benefits in the long run. Take the steps, drink plenty of water, swim, go for an outdoor game, dance, keep the carbs for special days or find out your way to staying fit. Be party-holic, food-holic and all those kinda-holic you can be but without compromising on your fitness. Honestly, it is tough until the time you make fitness a habit than an unattainable wish.

Squeeze out quality personal time once a while

In the current world, everyone is running short of time which ends in compromising on those private deserving moments. Take a break from your regular system and do something all by yourself in this highly occupied world. Break the monotony, have some cheat codes to refresh your own body. Quantity time with your pet, taking a spa once a while, taking a swim, a body massage or any activity that brings peace to you should be included, something you do all by yourself so that you get time to introspect, breathe in love for yourself as well as cherish the beauty you bring to this world by your presence.

Learn something new

Remember the time a fresh school year brought some new activity in your life. Bring that tempo back and learn something you have been planning and forever procrastinating. Learn a new language, driving a car, cooking,  playing an instrument, a new sport, or any of your pending childhood dreams. And if you don’t have something lined up I would suggest going for yoga, one of the best recreational activity to perform and relax. There are millions of things one can learn before you die how many have you decided to cover depends solely on you.

Spend quality time with family & friends


There was a time when parents use to push their children on being career-oriented. But in today’s scenario everyone is so busy building careers considering the high-end competition no matter which field you choose, one has totally lost the charm of being family-oriented. Believe it or not but one’s family and friends are the ultimate sources of happiness, so take out time go for a movie together, have dinner, rather bumping them with your own stories once a while sit back and listen to what they want to share. No matter where you reach in the long run, if you don’t have your family and closest buddies to share, nothing will add up in exchange for that. And of course, letting them know you love them with words and actions are always worthwhile.

Quit or One Last Time Smack-down over smoking and drinking habits

I am sure almost every year, post the crazy new year party and heavy alcohol levels in the system you swear on every person to quit the next morning but rather quit the thought once you up and good to go. Let’s make a difference this year and control the bad habits if you are an addict. Yes!! one can have a smoke-free life if you have the will to live one. Nothing is impossible, I am sure it was quite a task to have the first glass or the cigarette, the same scenario follows when you quit, it takes a little extra courage and will to let go. It cannot happen over-night, you have to learn to give up gradually. Don’t put the resolution yet again in the dustbin instead try a little harder this time I can assure you will see the difference soon enough. Today or tomorrow it will have adverse effects in ways you might not be able to apprehend and at times you might least expect so control it before you fall prey.

Get up and Volunteer

Any act of kindness will feed you for your well-being and source you out of depression. For a healthy community, volunteering is one of the best ways of growing and nurturing a society. In a way or other you might already be helping the ones around you, let’s make it larger with an explicit volunteering activity for the good of you and the rest of the people around. Acts can be small but it will make a large difference in the bigger picture, develop and promote habits of clean and green surroundings, feed the needy, educate the ones deprived, there are so many ways to contribute pick one and start today.

Hope this was helpful and you found one or more suitable for yourself, don’t let the vibe fade away.

Enjoy and have a great year ahead. Wishing you all a happy new year 2018 !!

A new year brings a stream of new opportunities, own each day and make it count.


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