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Easy routine updates in your day-to-day life to staying fit

The ones you see around who are in perfect shape eating without restrictions and enjoying the desert without hesitation don’t have any bestowed boon from God, rather they inculcate healthy food habits and regime to staying fit. It’s a habit developed over time and enjoyed throughout life. Fitness is equivalent to eating, studying or working. It doesn’t require extra attention rather it asks for a conscious inclusion of its part in your natural lifestyle.

Introduce the following into your daily routine to help stay fit:

Boogie Woogie to boost metabolism

One might always have an excuse to avoid the gym but how difficult could it be to play Bollywood music and dance your heart out. It doesn’t require any investment and it is indeed a fun way to burn calories, feel refreshed and breathe positive energy into you. You can squeeze out some time in the morning or evening, let go of your inhibitions and tone your muscles swaying to your favorite Bolly numbers.

You are what you eat

Changing your eating habits cannot happen overnight rather it’s a process. Obviously, everything you aren’t supposed to consume has all reasons to tempt more. So instead of denying yourself of your favorite treats why not introduce some healthy elements in the food cycle. Rather than half-heartedly dieting why not push yourself of a diet good enough to avoid those extra calories yet succulent enough for you to enjoy.

Cease every chance you find and walk

Almost every doctor and fitness expert will suggest brisk walk as an ultimate mantra for fitness. No matter what age you belong regular walking has proven health benefits. So, avoid being lazy and include a morning or evening walking habit in your daily routine. If you have a dog, there isn’t any better reason to go out, change your mood and enjoy a walk. Choose the stairs in your office and apartments not when you tired on your way back home but presumably in the morning or otherwise when you aren’t that lethargic. When you require to visit a place that isn’t too far ditch vehicle and choose to enjoy a walk. Deny yourself of reasons to avoid walking, rather prefer it to have a positive effect on your lifestyle.

Lifetime fitness rule: Drink ample water

You have heard this probably a million times and promised yourself to keep up with it yet failed. Drinking water not only benefits your health but also helps in having clear, youthful skin. An energy and metabolism booster which requires no investment should not be ignored at any cost. Make a habit to keep a water bottle always with you wherever you go or wherever you sit even while lying idle on your couch. Having it all the time will be a gentle reminder and gradually water may become your favorite hydration preference.

Sleep: The ultimate medicine for all problems

Getting a good sleep in the night leaves you fresh and energetic plus a happy mood to carry throughout the day. While too much isn’t good either but the right amount of sleep will have a great effect on your quality of life as well as work. We tend to compromise sleep at the virtue of work, parties, tensions and our busy schedule of the day, which is totally not recommended. Sufficient sleeping indeed is one of the best things you can do to have a good health and glowing skin.

Make exercise a fun part of your life

The gym isn’t the only exercise one needs to swear by to stay fit. In your monotonous busy life, add exercise in a rejuvenating way like by going on a trek in the weekend with friends and family, playing an outdoor game with children once a while, going for swimming or a dance pub on the weekend where you choose to consume less on calories and burn more swinging to the DJ. Rather than procrastinating the exercise part include it in through activities you have throughout the day. Let just intentionally give the maid a day off and choose to do the household chores by yourself; sounds tough but it definitely will help burn extra calories gained over a friends dinner date.

It’s never too late to care so stop procrastinating and inculcate healthy habits to experience the goodness of a fit lifestyle.


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