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Tips to keep your precious fashion accessories always “Bling”-y.

Having fashion accessories that are pretty and affordable is a trending phenomenon now. With the huge variety of designs and colors available, they serve as a style updater for our daily looks. I totally understand how much you love stacking up your wardrobe with these stylish pocket-friendly pieces but they are a little tricky to take care. Here are few tips on how you can keep them looking its best and preserve them from getting tarnished.

First thing first: Remove those pricey accessories.

Don’t keep your accessories on while,

  • Having a relaxation session at the spa, or
  • Going out for a swim in the pool or the beach, or
  • Doing the household chores like washing dishes or laundry.

Avoid exposing the accessories to chemicals or chlorine at it causes discoloring.

Let accessories be the last thing you put on and the first thing that you take off.

Accessories are delicate and have a tendency of getting tarnished on exposure to certain materials.

  • It’s better to apply make-up, body lotion, perfume or hairspray before you put on your accessories.
  • In order to avoid jewelry getting entangled with your clothes and getting damaged it’s advised to wear them last.

Store the accessories well

It’s not a good habit to keep your jewelry unattended on your bed, sink, table, etc. Remember is valuable and special care need to be taken while storing it as well.

  • If you stack up all your jewelry in the same box or bunch everything in a drawer it may result in tarnishing, scratching, chipping, and tangling of the delicate pieces.
  • The easiest way is to store them is by putting them separately in soft pouches.
  • It’s even better if you store them in jewelry boxes with various compartments, which also makes it easier for you to choose and wear at the time of styling.
  • Even when traveling it’s better to pick your choices and wrap them up in a tissue and put the pieces in a pouch or use the travel bags that available in the market.

Wear it occasionally

Match the accessories with your outfits and change it often than sticking to that one favorite. This will help in preserving it for a longer period.

  • They aren’t made to be worn on a daily basis. Continuously wearing the same piece may result in discoloration.
  • It’s recommended to keep alternating among the fashion accessories when styling rather sticking to the same ones.

Keep it clean and dry

Moisture is totally destructive for fashion accessories and, the more you take care in storing them the better it will retain its shine and glam.

  • At the end of the day, clean the accessory with soft cloth and while storing, assure that it’s completely moisture free. This could be too much post all the hassle in the day but it will only make the bling last longer.
  • Don’t use cleansers or other cleaning solutions as it may damage the shine of the accessory.
  • Some stylists recommend putting a coat of clear nail paint to secure the color of your bling-y baubles.

Remember these few tips and continue to make each day fashionable and stylish.


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