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The Bling Stores perfect companion for your special date.

Choosing an amusing appearance for the special night will always be a game changer. Apart from the outfit you choose adding the right accessory will boost your style and confidence.


First Date

You cannot afford to go wrong with the first impression. You can choose to be sexy, flirty, fun or maybe classy and elegant depending on how you’d like to reflect your personality. But you have all opportunity to add a touch of feminine power with the Bling Stores spunky jewelry.


Hair & Make-up

The more natural and easy you go the better. Too much styling may take away the charm. Opt for simple tousled or straightened hair with a light make-up and blush on your cheek. Don’t overdo it rather give a chance for your natural beauty to be adored.  Still without letting your style notch go down use some pretty the Bling Stores accessory to add all the glam you want.


The date Spot

You should not forget where you heading for the date. If your guy is a sports lover and you decide to enjoy a cricket match in a pub; keep it casual, if you head for a play or a stand-up show; keep it as per the mood of the place funky or classy, if you heading for candle light; keep it elegant. To help add spark to any outfit style your look with the boho yet luxe collection available at the Bling Stores.


Surprise!! Surprise!!

Oh! So you have the romantic suave beside you and he plans a surprise date night to win your love. This is your time to surprise him back with the alluring wardrobe you have, flaunting the LBD with a statement accessory from your luxe box of jewelry, pairing with a perfect pair of heels. You can also glam up the night with the Bling Stores stylish and uber-sexy options.


Travel Tales

It’s a wonderful weather and he asks you for coffee taking you to the nearest hilltop cafe or probably for a beach-side restaurant. This is when you can add bling to your casual outfit with the color bomb baubles available at the Bling Stores.


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