It’s raining !! Trouble in your hair fashion paradise !! Follow these tips to avoid the worries

On the onset of monsoon, the humidity has already started playing menace on the hair. Don’t let your smile and style fade away because of hair fall and frizz that follows the heavy rainfall, just remember these few tips to avoid all the fuss.

Wash your hair whenever you get drenched

Whether you love to enjoy the natural shower or got drenched unintended, remember to wash your hair once you reach home. The pollutants in the rain have a tendency to make the scalp itchy, brood dandruff and worse of all build a foul smell that you surely don’t want to step out with.


A soft shampoo and deep conditioning: your hair saver

Use a soft shampoo as the hair tends to be frizzy in the humidity followed by conditioning to nourish your hair and reduce damage. Dry the hair well with a microfiber towel to avoid hair breakage by friction.

Swear by the traditional solution: oiling your hair

Gently massage oil into the scalp to nourish and strengthen your hair. Yet avoid overdoing it as the hair is already sticky due to the weather and a harsh shampoo to remove it is not recommended.

Get a wonderful short haircut

This is the time when you can try and get yourself one of the trending short haircuts. Trimming to a length that is easy to manage will save a lot of your frizz battle.


Wear your natural hair and say no to styling products

If you intensively rely on straighteners and curlers, this is the time to avoid them. It’s best to have a clean sleek pony to prevent the hair going frizzier with the weather. If you chose to let your hair down wear it naturally as any styling won’t sustain long considering the humid atmosphere. Using hair serum or gel is also a big no as it will add more moisture to the scalp leading to itchiness. Let your hair be natural and clean to save the hair troubles.


These few easy tips along with a healthy diet and 8-12 glasses of water daily should be enough for you to have a healthy hair monsoon.


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