Silicone Nonstick Egg Boiler and Cooker - Set of 6

Silicone Nonstick Egg Boiler and Cooker - Set of 6
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Features :-

1) Nonstick egg cooker the egg cooker set is tailored for cooking eggs without eggshell, you oil the egg cooker then put an egg in so that the boiled egg won't stick to egg maker.

2) Pop egg out easily After cooking eggs, better to dip egg cookers in cold water for a while so that the egg peels off egg cooker easier, and when an egg gets cold to a good temperature just pop it out and enjoy your meal.

3) Watertight poacher Egg makers are well watertight, and that means boiled water won't get inside easily and the egg white won't get out easily only if you have tightened the egg cooker lid.

4) Handy egg makers You can boil just eggs with those egg makers and also you can add vegetable leaves, seasonings, raisins and whatever you want to eat with eggs, delicious dishes up to you.

5) Pack of 6, Multicolor, Made in India.

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