Cleaning Gloves for Dish-washing Pair Multicolor

Cleaning Gloves for Dish-washing Pair Multicolor
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1) EFFICIENT CLEANING: your hands no longer need to be occupied with a sponge. Just simply put the magic gloves on, rinse with water, apply soap, and simply scrub & clean with just your hands!

2) SCRUBBING POWER: equipped with hundreds of scrubbing bristles to effectively remove stubborn greases, oils, and specks of dirt.

3) MULTI-USE: works extremely well to scrub and clean specks of dirt away from plates, cups, cutlery, carpets, floors, sinks, shower tubs, toilets, tables, cabinets, pet hairs, and just about anything else!

4)  COMFORTABLE: using a freehanded motion makes it much easier to clean in harder to reach spots, and the dishwashing gloves are also beneficial for those who may suffer from hand pain or arthritis.

5) Pack of 1, Inside of package: Pair, Multicolor, Made in India.

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